Wednesday, November 17, 2010


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This is a realistic self-defense system that I use everyday.
That's right everyday, and YOU will use it everyday too, even if you don't get attacked.

Use it everyday and never be caught off guard again! This system uses the king of close quarters, the knife and it even works with a pen. This video will change your life.

This is not a knife combat video, this is strictly self-defense, we don't rely on you getting an advantage by making the first move. Striking first will actually put you in a legal disadvantage. A knife fighter maybe proficient in combat, but if they are not ready it won't matter, and it's often difficult on the street to get ready when you don't know when the fight is going to happen or if there will even be a fight at all!

If you travel a lot, walk daily where there are hoodlums around, or if your just plain and simple serious about self-defense this is the video for you.

If you have training in other martial art styles this system can easily be incorporated to your arsenal.

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In the street,
make the first move and it's called an assault.
If you wait, your dead meat...

You knew something was wrong,
but you didn't know what to do.

Change your life with the street realistic self-defense plan from K4S.
Step by step, clear instruction, learn how to fight back properly!
System designed for you to use everyday whether you get attacked or not!
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Watch the video, practice, and come out a person with violent skills.
This 11 min. video contains materials that I could NOT post on Youtube.

This video is for Military, Law Enforcement and warriors with a good heart.
Make no mistake this is not self-defense!
Learn step by step how to develop unrelenting knife assault skills.

Contains the never seen before, ultimate knife combat stance for real life.
Open them up in the worst way imaginable with the Terror Move.
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Knife 4 Street Book

Clear and simple
Blue Print for knife combat!
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  • Knife Combat 101

  • Stick Fighting and MMA for knife

  • Knife Defense

  • Knifeboxing

  • Killer Kerambit

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Saturday, November 13, 2010


To be honest, I felt disturbed during the making of this video.
Not because there is a graphic display of what these moves can do, or because I go into a serial killer mode while demonstrating on a partner.

In fact I chose not to candy coat it by doing those things. I just focus on what the title implies.

Like a factory it manufactures, and makes anyone that practices this stuff into a Violent killing Machine.
With this video you won't need any partners, a gym or any fancy equipment.

Welcome to "Assaulting A Person With A Knife" 101.

Course Curriculum
-You sneak up on a person for a kill (prerequisite)
-Even your stance alone can kill
-Kill them with speed
-Kill them with the worst gashes
-Kill them even if they try to grab and defend

VIOLENCE FACTORY Terror Move evidence


Monday, November 1, 2010

Realistic Training

Sure you can train in everyday clothes, practice illegal in sport techniques but these small differences are just chump change.

People that are into the tactical training often times differentiate themselves from other martial artists with strategies and tactics. But once again these thoughts are just another way of saying principals and concepts. People often times think and talk way too much and get lost in theory.

The way I set the foundation for realistic training is simple. One word, failure.
If what you do is based on success then maybe your expectations are too high, your living in a fantasy world, reality will come knocking on your door with a sledge hammer.

But if what your doing is based on the cold hard lessons of failure then your much more grounded to reality.

How do you know if your based on success or failure?

Often times technique training relies on success. Do you learn a lot of techniques? Do you practice tons of techniques? Do you have tons of options in your arsenal? Do you do a lot of demonstration type practice, where one person freezes for the other to execute the technique? Often times this kind of training also looks really cool because basically it's choreography.

Now on the other hand, training based on failure is much more rudimentary. You may not be able to finish the fight, so you gotta prepare for a battle of attrition, let's start with cardio conditioning. You may miss so let's work on combos over and over. Like it or not, you may end up on the ground so let's start wrestling. There is going to be more live training such as sparring, working focus mitts, shadowboxing, and really working on the application of technique, making it work against a resisting opponent, an opponent who has caught on to the move, rather than accumulating tons of technique.

So this is another reason why I developed Knifeboxing. And I hope you can see that Knifeboxing is not just holding a knife and pretending to be a boxer.

All this being said, I'm not here to bash any style or anyone. Technique training is 100% necessary. We did it in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, when I trained in Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai, Savate, Judo.

I bring this subject up so you know why I do things the way I do.
I like the simplicity of Knifeboxing because remember a good way to show someone nothing is to show them everything.